Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

A very Merry Christmas to all - or should that say 'both' - of my readers. And full marks to the NHS today - after much coughing and upping and downing of body temperature, we took Judi to the out of hours doc who promptly agreed with her self diagnosis: she has left lower lobar pneumonia. This is the third Christmas in a row that she has been ill and you can see why she'd rather be in New Zealand sunshine.
Anyway I just realised that in the last entry I referred to the dogs' new foster home without writing about it: a very lovely lady who lives about half a mile away and is mad about lurchers is to have them for six months. There's lots more to tell about this tale but she & her two children are due to join us for dinner any minute now, and I've been summoned to examine the turkey. So you'll have to await the next entry with baisted breath......(groan)

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The Jules said...

Ooh nasty. Hope Judi's better soon. Has she tried alcohol? I hear it's good for this sort of thing.

Catch up soon guys.