Sunday, December 21, 2008

Better late than never

On the morning of my 49th birthday, Friday 12th December, a short but rather friendly email from immigration NZ informed us that our residence application had been accepted 'in principle ' and that visas would take around another three weeks. Unfortunately due to a typically English winter bug (bad chest, coughing all night) I didn't feel like leaping around the room celebrating. But it looks like we really will be going 'upside down' soon.
Meanwhile the dogs have spent more nights at their intended 'foster home', although Bonnie did make a 2-3 mile dash for home this weekend whilst being walked on a local common. However she was promptly returned to her weekend retreat and is none the worse for it.
I've a long way to go before this blogging lark becomes a daily event....e.g. tonight a fine South African cabernet sauvignion is making me far to mellow to blog angrily about: immigration bureacracy, NHS targets, greedy investment bankers and the self destructive nature of monetarism, sloppy defending at the Ricoh Arena, latent racism in the UK fuelled by scaremongering journalism, NHS bureacracy, litter, Tesco shopping trolleys in the river, canine incontinence, poor educational standards, cultural ignorance, the effects of alcohol abuse on these are just a few of the things I'm normally cross about, and you all thought I was so chilled.

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