Monday, December 8, 2008

Stuff & Negligence

My mate Jules says I should do it every day, then I'd get into the habit. Blogging, that is. Jules is 50% of my current following, along with Paul who is the other 50%. Chatting to Jules ( ) & Paul ( ) inspired me to get started, along with Tom Reynolds 'Random Acts of Reality' ( ). Thanks guys.

It's funny, both wife and mother-in-law reckon I spend too much time at the laptop, and yet I'd generally rather be playing my guitar, walking the dogs or in the pub watching football.

A word about mother-in-law: she is an inspiration. 87 years of age, we are living with her rent free until NZ decide to let us in, and she is saving up for a ticket to visit us. She spends much of her time looking after friends from the church who are younger & less able than she is. And she is currently tolerating a lot of dog hairs in her house...

So anyway, no matter how much time at the laptop doing the usual round of emails, ebay and elation (had to find another e-word, didn't I?) on the odd occasion that Coventry City score a goal, I still manage to neglect the blog. Maybe it's like a house plant, needing some watering and sunlight in the right measure.

Ok, I'll try to look after it more. Feed it and see if it grows. But right now I keep getting this message that says 'could not contact saving and publishing may fail'.

So you may never get to read this....

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